Blogger Blog Review is a blog that has been created for the purpose of reviewing specifically other blogger blog which still use the blogspot extension name on the net that I've visited through Google search engine. Brief and frank personal opinion about that particular blog will be given according to categories or certain keywords.

For example for blog in technology category; I will type "technology" and "blogspot" in the search panel, then I will select the 7th. listed blog on the 10th. page of the displayed search list. If I found that the selected blog is not appropriate to be reviewed, I will go to the next blog.

The purpose is to make the blog that I've reviewed become more popular (at least to me) since I will link that site to this blog.

There are rules to be followed.

1. It must be created using Google Account.
2. The blog must have the 'blogspot' extension or domain name. Example:
3. Search out using Google search engine. (
4. Listed on the 7th place on the 10th page of the search result.
5. With an appropriate or having certain quality to be reviewed.

Thank you.

Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog

Looking at the blog and how the postings are presented, the author seems to be a foods lover and a proud American of Brooklyn. 

The author use a simple two coloum template, Scribe created by Todd Dominey to post new articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

The articles are well labelled according to the food's category and there are also lists of sites link to it. The food and drink, her favourite sites and also sites related to Brooklyn.
The author not just only introduced the food, she also try to share her experiences and observations with the reader. She also well described about the place including name of the restaurants, the surrounding condition and also the phone number of that particular places.

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